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Landscape, In Essence

Inspiration comes when I feel a deep connection to a specific place in the natural world—most often near a vast body of water or land mass and open to the elements. While reflecting on the physical features and aerial conditions of the environment surrounding me, I become aware of cycles, patterns, and rhythms co-existing within. Both the line and circle, elements that occur frequently in my acrylic mixed media paintings, turn metaphor to suggest order, stillness, harmony, balance, and eternity. Atmospheric layers of texture and colour imply flux as weather changes, time passes, and natural rhythms ebb and flow. Whenever possible, I incorporate material collected from the actual location of inspiration into my work, such as silt from the Bow River in the Rockies or iron ore enriched soil from Bell Island, Newfoundland. The result is an expression of the essence of a place—a convergence of what I see and what I feel. .

As my work has evolved, bridge formations have become a focus. Rusted steel oddities collected from scrap yards or donated by generous metal-detecting friends are arranged into connective structures that indicate not only physical transitions from one geographical area to another, but also metaphorical passage from one condition or state of mind or phase of life to the next.

My intent is for the work to resonate, to communicate the intangible, and to provide the viewer with a forum for reflection and individual interpretation.

The sea pronounces something, over and over, in a hoarse whisper; I cannot quite make it out. - Annie Dillard